COVID-19 Response

*UPDATE – 4-10-20 – 8:30 pm*

Today the County issued a new “order” that will take effect tonight at midnight and last through May 9th. This extends and expands the Stay-at-home directive they issued on March 19th.

After much consideration and consultation, I can’t recommend that we go forward with the Drive-In Easter Service. While I am not afraid of the virus, nor do I bow to the whim of the County, I do see that we as a community church must put a high value on the welfare and safety of our congregation and community. It is how we love and serve others.

Romans 13 teaches us to listen to the authority of rulers, and since this isn’t something that is stopping the word from getting out I feel that we must obey this order.

We will hold our usual Live stream at 10 am and also a live stream at 6:15 for a Sunrise Service. Worship can be found on the website. Tune in, I may have a couple surprises up my sleeve.

*UPDATE – 3-19-20 – 10:30 pm*

Due to the State-Wide “Shelter in Place,” I would like to encourage all of you to remain home on Sunday morning. I will still be live-streaming my message at 10 am, and holding our Zoom meeting after, around 11 am.

Many of you have already contacted me about how you are handling this situation and I can say proudly that no one is responding out of fear or panic, but instead, you are handling this with wisdom and peace. I know we will emerge on the other side of this stronger than we are now. I look forward to hearing from you throughout this season.

Dear Church Family,

First, let me assure you that our Lord is in control, and that all things will work out for His glory. In the book of Romans is a verse I have fallen onto several times in my life. Romans 11:29, “For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn.” Beyond the direct meaning of this as spoken to the Israelites, I have come to lean on this verse to mean that God doesn’t make mistakes. We may not see the reason behind things, but we can rest in knowing that even the bad things in our life will be used for good.

Next, I wanted to share with you what our current plan is moving forward.  Our church will be adhering to the guidelines the CDC has put in place regarding the pandemic. I urge all at-risk people to please stay home, this includes anyone over 65 as well as anyone with a compromised immune system. Also, if you are currently showing signs of a cold or flu, or have been caring for someone who has been, I encourage you to stay home as well. We will also be asking those that do choose to come in person, to abide by social distancing etiquette, spread out and limit physical contact.

Your health is important to us, but we know that our faith should be the paramount thing in our lives. Because of this we have made several updates to our website, including ways to worship, connect, and give online.

Here is the plan for the coming weeks. In addition to putting the sermon online as an audio file on Monday afternoons, we will be streaming our Sunday Service live at 10 am on Facebook and YouTube. Our Sunday Service will be a shortened version of our normal service for the next few weeks. It will consist of Welcome/Announcements, Prayer Time, and the Sermon. For those online we encourage you to listen to some worship music of your choice prior to 10 am, or you can listen to the playlist hand-selected by our worship team. This playlist can be found on our website,

We will also be hosting a Zoom chat after church at about 11:00 am, this will not only be a time to talk and ask questions, but also a time to fellowship with each other in a group setting.  The link for the chat will also be found on the Sunday Live page.

The Sunday Live Page will be your one stop spot for all things from Family Devotional to Links for the Live Stream. Also, while on our website, you can now access a new ACC Online section, where you will be able to create an account and access a member directory (you must opt in), fill out an online connect card, and give online. A note about giving online, while all methods are available online, we encourage you to use the ACH method due to the transaction fees associated with the Credit/Debit card.

What about everything else? We will be limiting our in-person gatherings to small groups, that means Men and Women’s groups may continue to meet but please take the CDC guidance into account here as well. However, this means that all Youth and Kids in-person meetings are on hiatus for the time being.

Youth Group will be moving online through Zoom. Youth group links and events can be found on our website on the Youth Live page. Our first meeting will be this Friday night at 6 pm.

Church, we are living in unprecedented times and we must come together as much as possible.  We have a few other ideas that I will be announcing this Sunday on the Live Stream.

Our God is good all the time and encourages us to go to Him in prayer.  That is why I am asking you to join with me in praying that we will be able to once again meet in person for Easter Sunday and we will be able to celebrate a true Resurrection Sunday.

It is my pleasure to be your Pastor through these times and I know we will see each other again soon.  If you need anything during the coming weeks, please do not hesitate to ask. Also, if you know of anyone that needs a bag of groceries, we have some available, let me know and I will deliver them.

Thank you for Being the Church!

Pastor Don