COVID-19 Update

Update May 23, 2020

We are currently living in a time where things seem to change both quickly and slowly at the exact same time. The days and weeks go by so fast, but yet also seem to drag on forever. Our government leaders all seem to contradict each other and none truly knows the best course of action to take to re-open our society. It is in this light that I wanted to let you know of our current plan of action in terms of Sunday Mornings.

Sunday, May 24th: we will hold our Worship Service online. There will be room to have a few people gather here to watch the live stream in our Social Hall. If you have the ability to open your home to a small group to have a watch party I want to encourage you to do so.

Sunday, May 31st: This is the Promotion Sunday/Baccalaureate Service. We will most likely be able to open our doors again, however, I have chosen for us to do a drive-in service. This is because I want to encourage as many people as possible to come together, and out of respect for those who wish to remain cautious a drive-in was the best option. However, there may be a chance to have small clusters of people sitting in chairs under the trees.

Sunday, June 7th: If everything continues to head in the current direction, we will open up for Service for anyone who wants to join together in-person. The way the service is laid out to meet guidelines will be determined in the next couple of weeks.

May 13, 2020

Dear Church Family

The time has come to begin the journey home. On March 19, 2020, I published our Church’s official response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Through the last 2 months we have rolled with each punch and adapted to the new normal, and now is no different.

Today Colusa County was granted accelerated access into the reopening process. With that a few old doors have reopened to us. While going forward we will continue to provide online resources we are eager to join together in-person as we can.

The County’s plan is available below. I have highlighted the relevant parts. We are currently in Phase 2B. During this phase, we have the ability to meet in groups of no more than 10 people. This allows us to reopen both Men’s and Women’s Fellowship Groups.

This means that the small group of ladies will once again meet in-person on Monday mornings at 9 am, and the men will meet at 6 am on Tuesdays.

Everything else will remain online. This includes our Worship Service, our After Worship Zoom Call, Family Game Night, Thursday Night Bible Study, and Youth Group. These may transition to in-person gatherings in the coming weeks.

Speaking of the Worship Service, our Worship Team and I will be live-streaming from our building beginning this weekend. Since the county has approved groups of up to ten, I want to encourage you to gather in small groups in homes to watch it together. Check our Facebook Group to see if anyone is opening their home to others.

I am excited to begin this journey home, but please do not think of this as a journey back to the way it used to be. We have grown and changed over the last couple of months. We have left behind the consumer-driven Sunday-only Christianity, and entered a new era of Faith-Focused Living.

I pray that you will boldly enter this new era!

Pastor Don

Colusa County Phased Reopening Plan