Ever Changing

I want to say how much I appreciate all of you for being patient with our church and me during this season of pandemic. I know that it has been difficult to keep up with the changes that happen to scheduling, but you all have made a valiant effort to attend/watch what you can.

The world right now is in a constant state of change and honestly I don’t think it is truly going to slow down anytime soon. From politicians fighting over when and how to open, and health experts continually changing their minds on what exactly the virus can do, and for that matter the virus itself has seemed to change through the last couple months. All of this can make life seem a bit unsettled.

However, there is a solid and firm foundation we can build our lives on that is unchanging, Both Malachi 3:6 and Hebrews 13:8 tell us that the Lord is, was and always will be the same. He is always good, always loving, always all-powerful. No matter how this world changes around us, we can trust God is consistent.

I am the Lord, and I do not change.


This brings us to our latest changes in the method of delivering the consistent message.

You may notice that some of our Online offerings have disappeared while others have transitioned to in-person meetings. Below you will see reasons for the changes.


With the ability to gather together again there is no longer a need for an online fellowship time. Family game night has been a lot of fun and I want to continue the Online version once a month, and add an In-Person version once a month as well.

Psalms and Prayer

These are going to be posted on Mondays and Fridays. The old ones are all available on YouTube.

Fellowship Groups

These are now once again in-person meetings. I would like to add more options for groups soon.

Video Devotional

These weekly videos will still continue. They will vary in style, but will be a way of helping you not be just a Sunday morning Christian.

Youth Group

We usually don’t have Youth Group in the summer however this summer we are going to have alternating weeks of Online and In-Person Youth Groups. The In-Person meetings will vary from high-energy events to calm movie nights.

I hope this helps you understand the things that are currently scheduled. We are also going to be having other events coming soon: Dining with Don, Movie nights, Church Picnics and much more.

Thanks For Reading!

God Bless and See You Soon!

Pastor Don

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