Prayers of Intention

In my classes on Spiritual Formation, Dr. John Coe from Talbot School of Theology introduced the Prayers of Intention as a way to help us grow into people who pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

We can use this tool as launch pad to guard our hearts against the Sanctification Gap.

Also here are the Self-Reflection Questions used in today’s message.
Reflection Question –
1. In a few words or phrases, describe how you are presently doing.
2. Where in your life do you or have you felt closest to God?
3. Where in your life do you or have you felt furthest from God?
​4. What things are presently occupying your mind and heart?
5. Do these things bring you closer to God or further from God?
6. What are the hopes and desires you want to bring to God?

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