Prayer List

  • Elder
    Prayer for our Pastor (Don Joel), he is in the hospital with an irregular heart beat. He has been moved to the cardiac unit. Pray for his healing and peace and comfort for his family.
  • Prayer of Healing
    Janet Dawley's oldest brother, Riy, has a cancerous tumor under his tongue.  He hasn't been able to open his mouth for months and eats with a feeding tube.  The tumor is not responding to the radiation treatments.  He has asked for prayer for healing.  He is scheduled for continued radiation treatments, plus chemotherapy.  Please pray that the treatments shrink the tumor and he regains use of his mouth and tongue.  God's ways are not our ways and we must put our trust in Him.
  • Trinity Center
    Laurie and Lyle Charter - Please pray for this church as they search for a new pastor, and recover from a covid outbreak. This is where they worship when up north.
  • Chris Moorehead
    Laurie and Lyle Charter - The lesions in Chris were determined to be non-cancerous. She has been diagnosed with Chronic Hypersensitivity Inflamation. Please pray for the doctors to figure out the right treatment.
  • Please pray with me
    “Lord, we pray for the students in our schools (specifically Colusa) counties, and our nation. So many are lonely, hurting, and in so much pain. Many look happy on the outside; on the inside, however, they’re struggling, with hearts full of despair that only You are fully aware of. “We pray for them to feel Your love. We pray for them to encounter You and Your presence – fill them, change them. We pray for an awakening that breaks out among students in (Colusa) and our nation’s elementary, middle & high schools, and college campuses. We thank You for bringing divine purpose out of many terrible tragedies and ask You to touch, not only students, but also their families. And use this spark to become a beautiful fire of hope (in Colusa) and redemption to our nation, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Our decree: Lord, we declare there is no problem we face, that You have not already created a solution for. Let us, as a nation, make You bigger than every obstacle we face.” Cheryl A. Hennessy
  • Pray for Mom
    Please pray that my mom will be able to come visit for Easter.
  • Prayer Wall
    I would like to offer praise to God for the ability to offer a new way for our community to pray for each other.