Church Update June 2020

Hey Church,

So, with the rise of cases in our area, we have made the following decisions.

These will be in effect for the next two weeks:

  • Sunday Morning Services, June 28th & July 5th, will be pared down to announcements, prayer, and sermon and will be live-streamed at 10 am.
  • This message will be posted on the sanctuary doors.
  • The sanctuary will be unlocked during the worship service and an elder at the door to assist those that may show up.
  • The Buildings will be locked during non-worship times.
  • Everyone should also receive a phone call from an Elder to explain the situation, to see if you would like Communion elements delivered and to check-in. (If you have not received a phone call by Sunday please email to make sure your name is on our lists.
  • We will be restarting the Zoom Fellowship meeting after the Worship Service.
  • Youth Group is scheduled to meet Online June 26th and July 3rd was previously canceled. The next in-person youth gathering is scheduled for July 17th.
  • Quilters and Ladies Monday morning groups will make their own decision on how to proceed.
  • Tuesday men’s prayer will meet in person, those attending will accept responsibility for their own health.

If you haven’t seen the Video Update you can watch it here.

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