Church is Back

Hey ACCers,

After a quick one week break, we are back inside.

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you all for being flexible in this tumultuous time. I know things feel like they change weekly if not faster. I also know that sometimes it doesn’t seem fair that outside agencies and governments can make rules that affect people they never see. But, I am glad to say that we here at Arbuckle Community Church acted under our own free will to follow the lead of our Lord by showing love and compassion to our neighbors.

It looks like our country and our state are not going back to the way things used to be, and again I hate to say “new normal” because things are always changing, therefore we need to make the most of what we have now, not for our own sake, but for the sake of Christ.

Last Sunday, I challenged us to show our love in the actions we take. I gave a few examples.

  • Open Doors for Others
  • Say Please and Thank You
  • Say I’m Sorry
  • Keep that Sigh or Eye Roll to Yourself
  • Give a Compliment
  • Give Up Your Seat
  • Wear a Mask

We are going to practice showing love in action at church, by following some guidelines to help us avoid having to close down again.


  • We ask that when you are in the Sanctuary, Social Hall, or another enclosed area, that you maintain social distance and wear a mask. If you do not have one, we have some available.
  • The Sanctuary and Social Hall will be disinfected before and after the Sunday morning service.
  • When outdoors we ask that you please maintain proper social distance guidelines.
  • Youth Group and Kids Classes when indoors will need to wear masks and take necessary precautions.
  • We also ask that you read and understand our Wellness Policy.

Thank you Church for being the Church.

In His Service,
Pastor Don

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